Why Mark started Image better


Imagine Better podcast host Mark Powers

Why I started Imagine Better.

To transform lives

My journey is still one filled with learning how to embrace my failures and be more aware of the moments in life that measure up and contribute to my personal self-discovery journey.

One day, as I sat in my office, I found myself contemplating the idea of embarking on a different path, one that would not only allow me to continue growing through my experiences and stories but also enable me to help others who might be going through similar journeys. It was a moment of reflection and realization, realizing the potential impact of my journey and how it could be a source of inspiration and guidance for others facing similar challenges or seeking new directions in their lives. This introspection sparked a sense of purpose and motivation, fueling my desire to explore new opportunities for personal and professional growth while making a positive difference in the lives of those around me.

Imagining a better life resonated deeply within me, prompting me to jot down ideas for a new show, which eventually led to Imagine Better. I firmly believe that each of us has the opportunity to enhance our lives, and by envisioning better things for ourselves, we can reset our mindset and approach life with a fresh perspective.

Don't think, Just do!

Meet your host

Imagine Better Podcast with your host Mark Allan Powers

Mark Powers

Mark Powers is a distinguished marketing professional renowned for his exceptional blend of sales and marketing expertise. Despite his success, Mark found himself lost in life, struggling with feelings of sadness and depression that went unaddressed for years. While outwardly he appeared happy, inwardly he battled darkness and a sense of failure, stemming from various challenges in relationships, business ventures, and life in general.

It was through writing his first book, “Everything Sucks, Some of The Time,” that Mark began to channel his thoughts and life lessons into written form, leading to a transformative shift in mindset towards growth and resilience. Additionally, Mark took proactive steps by signing up for therapy, which provided structure for his thoughts and strategies to implement his newfound learnings. Therapy became a vital source of accountability, guiding Mark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

Mark’s commitment to weekly therapy sessions and surrounding himself with like-minded individuals who embrace a growth mindset reflects his dedication to personal development and well-being. Through his new show, Imagine Better, Mark channels his life journey and diverse experiences into a platform that not only shapes his identity but also serves as a beacon of hope for others facing challenges in life. By sharing his insights and lessons learned, Mark aims to inspire and support those navigating their own paths, fostering a community of resilience, growth, and empowerment.

Join Mark on this journey! Share Imagine Better with those across your network. By doing so, you’ll contribute to spreading awareness of the show and its valuable insights for anyone navigating mental health challenges, life struggles, and personal growth journeys. Your support can make a real difference in reaching and helping individuals who may benefit from the show’s empowering content.

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