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Behavioral Transformation

Guest: Jay Johnson
Imagine Better Podcast with guest Jay Johnson

Jay johnson

Accelerating growth for leaders and organizations using applied behavioral science | Keynote Speaker | 2x TEDx | Organizational Culture Guide | Co-Founder, Behavioral Elements 🔥 🌪 🌊 🍃

Imagine Better Podcast with guest Jay Johnson and your host Mark Powers

Airs July 17, 2024

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Behavioral Transformation


July 17, 2024


11:00 AM EST


Mark Powers


Welcome to Episode 10 of “Imagine Better”! Today, I’m thrilled to introduce our special guest, Jay Johnson. Jay is a renowned figure in the realm of applied behavioral science, dedicated to accelerating growth for leaders and organizations. As a distinguished keynote speaker with two TEDx talks under his belt, Jay brings a wealth of knowledge and insight.

He also serves as an organizational culture guide and is the co-founder of Behavioral Elements. Join us as we dive into a discussion full of valuable insights on harnessing behavioral science to transform organizational cultures and drive significant growth. In this upcoming episode, we will dive deep into the concept of Behavioral Transformation.

This engaging journey is designed to empower participants to effectively overcome challenges posed by difficult people and behaviors. By exploring innovative techniques and strategies, we will transform the way individuals communicate, engage, and lead. This transformation not only enhances personal interactions but also fosters a more productive and positive environment in both personal and professional settings.

Join me as we unlock the potential to create lasting change and lead with confidence and empathy.